Workshop on launching Online Database for Health Policy Documents in Cambodia


HACC, FHI360 and NIPH co-organized a workshop on Launching Online Database of Health Policy Documents in Cambodia on November 29th, 2019 at the Hotel Cambodiana. Attended by H.E Dr. Hok Kim Cheng, Director of General Health of Ministry of Health, this workshop sought to introduce to an audience comprised of health officials in the public and private sector to the new online database made available to the public through the National Institute of Public Health website.

This initiative came from the public having difficulty in accessing health policy documents (including legal documents, guidelines and others) as those were scattered in the multiple places and institutions. Creating an online database where almost all documents are gathered in one place would therefore create a reliable way to access information, for studies, research and daily activities needing these resources.

Main speeches from Mr. Tim Vora, Executive Director, Dr. Nilufar Rakhmanova, Project Chief at FHI 360, a USAID EQHA project, Prof. Ir Por, Deputy Director of National Institute of Public Health and Dr. Nargiza Khodjaeva, Technical Lead, NCD and Health of WHO.

After introducing how the document collection was implemented and gathered into the online database, participants were instructed on using this new search function in the website to look for documents they might be interested in. The collection of documents and the uploading onto the website will remain an ongoing, continuously updated process. Should there is any missing documents, cooperation between the different institutions, ministries, provinces were at the forefront of the discussion in order to ensure proper dissemination of information for the public to view.

The new online database can be found at

Workshop on Launching Online Database of Health Policy Documents, Hotel Cambodiana, November 29, 2019