Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (H-EQIP)

 NIPH    June 19, 2018

School of Public Heath would like to inform there is a seminar at the school of public health. The topic is “Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (H-EQIP)” that will be presented by Dr. Dineke Venekamp and her team. This event is free of charge and open to public.

Presentations topics:

  • Intro to Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (EQIP), Performance Based Funding (PBF), Role of GFA as 3rd party Ex-Post Verification (15 minutes)
  • Ex-post verification process: sampling of sites, assessors and their role, data collection methods and tools, data analysis, opportunities for quality improvement (20 minutes)
  • Roles for students in GFA project: part time assessors, internship (5 minutes)
  • Questions and Answers (20 minutes


Dr. Dineke Venekamp is a Medical Doctor since 1986 with public health and management experience. Since 1988 she is working abroad in various health emergency and development projects, mainly as project manager and health expert in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, for medical NGOs, International European and US consultancy firms, WHO and World Bank. Her scope of work consisted of health needs assessments, evaluations, vulnerability studies (Europe-Aid, ECHO, USAID, UNDHA/OCHA) health system strengthening, health sector reform and policy development, including set up of Result Based Financing (RBF/PBF) health care projects, quality of care improvement, including development of quality of care checklists and indicators, country and project management, program planning and monitoring, HMIS, epidemiology, statistics and health planning and conducting large scale population surveys. She has been working in 1990-91 in Svay Rieng in Cambodia and returned in September 2014 to Cambodia to work with the MoH supporting the HMIS and developing a TBMIS. Since October 2017, she is the team leader of Accompanying Measure to the H-EQIP, implemented by GFA. Mr. Amit Aryal is an expert in quality of health care and health systems. He is active in global movements in health care quality and is contributing to the upcoming Lancet series on High Quality Health Systems, due for publication in September, 2018. He has advised national governments and various multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations such as, WHO, UNICEF, DFID and GIZ to devise national and global health strategies that focus on quality in health systems. Most recently, he was the Advisor to Nepal's Minister of Health, where he led the efforts to enact laws that guarantee universal coverage of health care through National Health Insurance scheme and for establishing of national health care accreditation body. In H-EQIP, his primary responsibility is to prepare quarterly reports consisting of analysis of ex-post verification data that highlight major discrepancies between ex-post and ex-ante assessments and identify areas for quality improvement.