Job Announcement: International Consultant, Strategic Plan Development for the National Institute of Public Health

 niph    January 30, 2019
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Job Announcement


Position:         International Consultant, Strategic Plan Development for the National Institute of

Public Health

Project Title:  Project “National Public Health Institute Strengthening in Cambodia” 01 August 2018 – 31 July 2019

Salary:            600US$ - 800US$/day

Duty Station:  Phnom Penh

Duration:       15 working days

  1. Institution background

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is a semi-autonomous public institute, with a broad public health mandate. The NIPH mandate includes three main functions: i) It serves as the national reference laboratory; ii) It’s technical bureau provides the Ministry of Health (MOH) with evidence-based advice in various fields, based on health systems and policy support research; and ii) it provides public health training, including MPH and MSc programs in Epidemiology, Nutrition and Hospital Administration.

  1. Project background

From 01 August 2018 – 31 July 2019, the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI), provided financial support to a project, namely “National Public Health Institute Strengthening in Cambodia”, and has assisted NIPH in identifying additional potential partners and resources. NIPH has received additional technical and financial support from its current partners, including US-CDC in Cambodia, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITM), and German International Cooperation (GIZ).   

As part of the routine management system, NIPH develops its strategic plan every five years. The current strategic plan (for 2015-2019) provides a clear strategic direction for NIPH development. Based on this strategic plan, NIPH develops an annual operational plan to guide its actions every year. In 2019, NIPH plans to conduct an external assessment of its past five-year performance against the current strategic plan, as a final review of the strategic plan, to understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and to identify key strategic priorities for the coming five years for NIPH.

The National Institute of Public Health is preparing a 2020-2025 strategic plan in order to set out its objectives during this period and how NIPH will be achieved. The strategic plan will help the NIPH to advance its mandate and strategic themes of:

  1. Establishing a state-of-the-art knowledge center in terms of research, knowledge sharing and teaching capacities
  2. Being effective and respected in translating knowledge and evidence into relevant policies
  3. Demonstrating the capacity to improve governance of health systems and policy research
  4. Developing a strong, sustainable and respected institutional infrastructure where financial and human resource management provide reliable building blocks for academic excellence
  5. Developing a reputation in Cambodia and abroad that supports building a constituency that allows continuous development

To support all aspects of the management system, NIPH is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of an international consultant who will provide technical support to develop the 2020-2025 strategic plan of NIPH. The consultant will be contracted for a period of 15 working days (with no extension) between 04 to 25 March 2019. The consultant will be based at the National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The consultant will be responsible for his/her necessary tools (laptop). The successful candidate will work under the supervision of Prof. Chhea Chhorvann, director of NIPH.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the consultancy is to support the National Institute of Public Health in a technically grounded, consultative and participatory planning process, to include extensive consultations with public sector partners and the private sector. The substantive outcome will be a five-year strategic plan for the period 2020-2025 in line with relevant policies of the Ministry of Health, and including institutional arrangements, specific activities, proposed programs, timelines, targets, and a detailed costing. The consultant should also provide a communication and monitoring plan.

  1. Scope of Work

The consultant will work with the National Institute of Public Health’s strategic planning committee to build a common approach through the preparation of an interim draft strategic framework and strategic action plan. The consultant will lead and guide the process of developing the full five-year strategic plan. This will include:

  • Review the existing plans of the ministry of health, policy frameworks, laws, approaches, health system development, the national strategy, national implementation plans, and other relevant documents;
  • Desk review of other current documents relevant to the mandate, legal framework, policy frameworks, as well as laws, approaches, and national implementation plans of NIPH, including existing assessments of the NIPH;
  • Develop an understanding of the current role of NIPH, what others want NIPH to go and what are the opportunity for NIPH?
  • Develop a comprehensive methodology for the strategic plan for how NIPH could most effectively meet its achievement;
  • Conduct a needs assessment of NIPH, which will include a review of the NIPH existing structure and institutional arrangements with a view to developing a “strategy for development”. This will be a component of the final plan.
  • Stakeholder mapping and consultation;
  • Situation analysis, including the identification of constraints and opportunities for sustainable development, investment promotion, workforce enhancement;
  • Develop, validate, finalize and costing a strategic plan 2020-2025 including a log frame, and a detailed implementation plan.
  • Monitoring and evaluation strategy plan.
  1. Requirements & qualification
  • An international senior expert in organizational development or in the field of social science;
  • Have at least 10 years proven international professional experience in strategic plan development, organizational management reviews, program design, project management, monitoring and implementation in the public health sector;
  • Experience in human resource development/capacity development, institution building as well as organizational management;
  • Excellent interpersonal, mentoring, facilitation, and communication skills;
  • Proven English proficiency in writing and speaking;
  • Willing to work in a challenging environment.
  1. Deliverables
  • The performance report of the past five-year strategic plan with recommendations on key ways forward
  • The draft report with preliminary findings to be submitted by 13th March 2019
  • The draft final report by 20th March 2019
  • The final report by 25th March 2019
  1. Payment Schedule
  • Sign contract by 1st March 2019
  • Start date by 04th March 2019
  • 20% on signing the contract and submission of methodology for the strategic plan (in English).
  • 40% on performance report of the past five-year strategic plan and completion of a draft report (in English)
  • 40% on submission of a final report (in English).


Interested candidates are requested to submit a CV, and cover letter to Mr. Dy Dimanhe and Ms. Long Sereyraksmey, at the National Institute of Public Health (#80, Samdach Penn Nouth Blvd, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia).

H/P 011 707 052, Tel: 023 991 697, Email:;

The deadline of the application is on 18th February 2019, only short-listed applicants will be contacted