Associate Prof. Leang Supheap, MD, MHA.

Assistant Prof. Leang Supheap is a Deputy Head of the Technical Bureau at the National Institute of Public Health. She graduated with a medical doctor by training at the UHS, Cambodia in 1996. In 2006, she got her master degree in Health Administration at Curtin University of Technology, Australia. She used to work in the Epidemiology Unit and Health System Development Support Unit, National Institute of Public Health. She has been involved in many health research system projects, including new-born infection control and care initiative for health facilities to accelerate reduction of neonatal mortality, health care and scheme performance on poverty and illness project in Cambodia, the impact of harm reduction programs on law enforcement policy and practices in Southeast Asia, and mother to child transmission of HIV. She has been also a Coordinator of Research Group on Social Policy on Health and Health Development Research Forum in Cambodia and a Study Coordinator of NICCI project. She is now lecturing Principles of Nutrition, Food safety in Nutrition, Nutrition throughout Life Cycle, Hospital Management in Emergency and Disaster, Human Resource in Hospital Settings.