Assistant Prof. An Yom, M.D., MPH.

Assistant Prof. An Yom has more than 15 years of experience in health service delivery in Cambodia. At University Research Co. LLC (URC), he is the M&E Advisor at USAID-PMI Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project (CMEP). He provides technical guidance on setting up M&E plan, data quality assurance, project monitoring and researches in the project. At the Center for Health and Social Development (HSD), he is the HSD’s Technical Manager, providing technical and management leadership for HSD’s projects. He has been instrumental in accelerating national dialogue around diabetes and TB-diabetes, working closely with the PMD, CENAT, WHO and other partners to develop and test models for addressing diabetes and TB/diabetes. During his work at SPH-NIPH as the Master Program Coordinator, he was a key staff in managing daily school activities, SOP development, and provided a guide to students for thesis development. He is now lecturing the courses of the Principles of Nutrition and Nutrition through Life Cycle.